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Helping a blind man cross the road

(Cheng Jun Primary 3)

It was a windy Saturday morning. At a bustling road junction, a blind man was waiting to cross the busy road. There were lots of vehicles on the road. He heard a lot of sounds, so he knew there was a heavy traffic. He had no choice, but to wait.

The blind man wore a pair of dark glasses. He held a wooden walking stick in his right hand. He was emotionless when a boy, Tom, came forward and offered to help him.

“Uncle, let me help you cross the road.”

The elderly man nodded his head with gratitude. The pair crossed the road slowly together. The understanding drivers waited patiently for them to cross the road.

At last, the blind man and Tom reached the other side of the road. Patting Tom’s shoulder, the blind man thanked Tom repeatedly. He then waved goodbye to Tom. Using his walking stick to track obstacles ahead, he plodded slowly to his destination.

Tom felt very satisfied that he had done a helpful deed.  blind-man

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